About Us

Jordan Roberts

- Managing Attorney

Roberts Law was founded with the mission to help families who are suffering after a life-altering cancer diagnosis.

For two decades Roberts Law has held companies responsible for the harm they cause to hardworking people and their families. We have represented people just like you from all around the country, securing hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf.

Our award-winning lawyers have won monumental victories against some of the nation’s largest and most powerful corporations. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to change lives and public safety.

We will guide you through the process of seeking justice for injuries caused by unsafe working conditions and dangerous products.

We fight every day to protect those who need it most.

Real Client Testimonials:

"Jordan was with us for the entire case. From the first day we met him until we went to trial he was nothing but superb. He articulated the plan and then executed it flawlessly. My wife and I are forever grateful for all of his help."

The Best Lawyer

"Jordan did a great job for our family. We had spoken to several lawyers before filing our claim and Jordan was by far the most responsive, knowledgeable, and caring. He absolutely came through for us. We are very appreciative of his hard work."

Super Lawyer!

"I feel so blessed to have Jordan Roberts as our lawyer. Our family felt helpless until he took our case. He stood up for us and helped us get through some very tough times."

Very Blessed

"Mr. Roberts did an outstanding job for myself and my siblings. His knowledge, awesome personality, compassion, and understanding was so appreciated at such a difficult time. He made us feel like we truly mattered!"

Outstanding & Caring Attorney

"Mr. Roberts was by our side when my husband got sick. He fought hard and always treated us with respect. We are forever grateful for all of his help."

Great Attorney

"Jordan helped my family when our dad got cancer. We had no idea what to expect but he helped us throughout the entire process. He was very knowledgeable and kind throughout the case. Jordan put my Dad at ease as he was able to see that his family was going to be taken care of financially. We will be forever grateful."

Very Good Lawyer and Person

"Jordan was a blessing for our family. Throughout our asbestos case he very respectful, responsive and you could tell how much he cared about his work. We truly felt like we had someone fighting for us in our corner."

Smart and Passionate Attorney

"From the first time Jordan Roberts stepped foot in our house my husband and I knew we had the right lawyer. Jordan assured us from that day that he would take care of us and he did. Jordan did a wonderful job for our family and I am so thankful for all his hard work and dedication."

Great Lawyer and Person

"In the strongest sense of of the word, my family wants to thank you for your thoughtful planning and hard work. These settlements are impacting out lives greatly. We feel so fortunate to have you working on our behaves. Thank you so much!"

Thank You!

"Attorney Jordan C. Roberts represented me in my Mesothelioma case. I had no idea of what to expect when I developed this cancer. I had seen the commercials on television, but never though that it would pertain to me. My children are grown and live out of state. I'm retired, but had a part-time job, that I dearly loved. Eventually, I had to quit, due to the complications of my illness. It was a scary time for me and my wife.  From the first day of our meeting, and seeing that big friendly smile, youthful enthusiasm, and determined dedication, I felt that Jordan would be his best for me...and I was right.  In my 72 years of living, I had never been through something like this before and was nervous about the whole situation.  There were some rough times, but Jordan wouldn't give up on me. I completed the case and won some peace of mind for me  and my family. To say that a weight has been lifted from me, is to say the least. I now know that, if my condition grows worse, or if something should happen to me, my needs will be met, and my wife and other loved ones will be taken care of.  I thank God for sending people into my life that have been such a tremendous help to me, and my family. I include Jordan Roberts in those prayers."