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When companies put profits over people – someone needs to stand up for what is right. We stand up for individuals who are suffering, or passed away, from deadly conditions like mesothelioma and lung cancer.

We have successfully helped families across the country obtain significant financial compensation for two decades. If you or a loved have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer related to asbestos, we are ready to fight for the justice you deserve.

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A Process That Delivers Results

You don’t need to leave your home. An attorney will come to you, hear your story, and gather important information about your claim. Many of our clients never need to leave their home or go to court to pursue their claim.

2. Establishing Causation

Our team will quickly and efficiently identify the likely causes of your cancer. Whether it was exposure in the workplace, home, or other environmental sources, we use our vast experience to gather the evidence needed to seek fair compensation for your losses.

3. Maximum Compensation

Our lung cancer lawyers will immediately pursue all available sources of compensation to ensure your family is compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering and other losses. We will advance all case costs and expenses. You never pay anything out of pocket. 

Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer

Asbestos is a known carcinogen and is responsible for several deadly forms of cancer, including mesothelioma and lung cancer. At Roberts Law we specialize in representing individuals and their loved ones who are suffering from an asbestos related cancer.

Asbestos Claims

There are several ways to pursue your asbestos claim. It is likely you may never need to leave your home or go to court.


If you or a loved one developed cancer as a result of asbestos exposure, you could qualify for significant compensation. Claims can be made right away.

Pleural Mesothelioma

Pleural mesothelioma is a fast-growing cancer that starts in the pleura, the lining around the lungs.


If you were exposed to asbestos while serving our country, you may be entitled to Veterans (VA) benefits in addition to compensation from the manufactures and suppliers of the asbestos.

Statute of Limitations

There is a deadline to file your claimed based upon the date you were diagnosed or a loved one passed away from cancer. Generally, you have one to six years to file your claim.

Wrongful Death

If a loved one has already passed away from asbestos-related lung cancer or mesothelioma, your family may be entitled to significant compensation for their wrongful death.

Asbestos Trust Funds

Over 30 billion dollars has been set aside to compensate individuals and their families who are suffering from asbestos cancer.

Asbestos Disease

It is estimated that asbestos causes 12,000 to 15,000 new cancer cases per year. Generally, these cancers do not manifest until many years after the asbestos exposure.

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For two decades Jordan Roberts and the lawyers at Roberts Law have held companies responsible for the harm they cause to hardworking people and their families. Our network of attorneys has represented people just like you from all around the country, securing hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf.

We will put you and your family first as we relentlessly work to recover the compensation you rightfully deserve. We promise to stand by your side from day one until your claim is complete.

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